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A living history group dedicated to preserving the memory of those airmen and women who served this country in its hour of need, especially to the thousands who made the ultimate sacrifice

Our Displays

By recreating a Sector Level RAF Fighter Command Emergency Operations Room from 1940 - We show how the command and control system got our chaps to the right place at the right time. We reduce an hour of the Battle of Britain down to 20 minutes, with an introductory explanantion to set the scene.


(Fighter Command)

Everything but the Spit or Hurri (but we know people who have those)

Bomber Briefing

A display aimed at explaining the preparation behind a tactical strike in 1943/44 and the price paid by RAF Aircrews

Chain Home

A representation of one of - Britains "Castles in the Sky" that gave us advance warning of incoming threats in 1940


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We do not profess to have everything "right" but we do have a lot of experience in our own field and we have undertaken much research.

We have put together one or two information sheets that we hope will be of some help. If you have any questions please keep them sensible/short as we all have limited time, but do ask. .We will do what we can to help anyone with similar interests, wherever they are in the world and if you have something constructive to offer, we will receive you with open arms.


Our Friends/Links

WW2RAF Group secured Heritage Lottery Fund support for a box van trailer in 2011. During the 3 years of displaying we have taken voluntary collections from those viewing our displays with a total that now exceeds the grant given. Most recently we have donated to Help for Heroes, the Midlands Air Ambulance (again) and to the memorial trusts for both the Battle of Britain and Bomber Command. We are now repaying the HLFs investment in us with interest.

Links to the websites for these organisations are below - click the logo.

WW2RAF Group members all belong to Worcester Re-Enactors, a multi period society dedicated to providing education via "living history" throughout the ages.

Educational Talks




We can also provide small "cameo" one or two person displays in addition to the larger ones detailed above. We principally operate in the Midlands but also now have representation in the East of England




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